Secret des chênes IGP des Cévennes



Secret des chênes IGP des Cévennes

Description :

This wine is the result of a rigorous selection process. The vines are over ten years old and are pruned short.

Dégustation :

In the secrets of our cellars. A rigorous selection of woods allowed us to develop these aromas of toast mixed with a touch of vanilla.

On the nose, the wood is present but allows us to reveal notes of small red fruits. On the palate, we feel the finesse of the grain, supple but present tannins and a very pleasant sweetness.

Accords mets vin :

Its character is best appreciated with slightly spicy dishes such as Gardiane de Taureau or pheasant with lentils.

Millésime : 2020
Degré d'alcool : 13.5 o
Conditionnement : Bottle - 75 cl
Cépage : Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon
Température de service : 16-18°C